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Gold medals need gold sticks. A very limited edition junior Gold JLB 60 as seen in Tokyo.

We are excited to bring the new LTD JLB 60 stick. Limited edition and our most advanced junior stick ever! 

Available in 35 inches, the LTD JLB 60 is designed with a nice low bow to make 3D skills easier for the younger members of the Y1 Nation. 60% Carbon offers an incredibly high power rating for a junior stick while still maintaining a great balance of control for junior players. 

This is the same stick shape as used by Belgium international drag flicker and top goalscorer in the Dutch Hoofdklasse, Alex Hendrickx.

Height Stick Length
6ft + 37.5"
5ft 3in - 6ft  36.5"
5ft - 5ft 3in  35"
4ft 9in - 5ft  34"
4ft 6in - 4ft 9in  33"
4ft 3in - 4ft 6in  32"
4ft - 4ft 3in  30"
4ft  28"