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MK3 Glove - S Only

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The MK3 is our premium, reinforced plastic shell glove. The anthropometric design mirrors the shape of the hand whilst we have redesigned the wrist strap for added security.

The open palm design enables players to maintain a natural feel on the stick, and when combined with the improved "opti-grip" on the finger segments, provides an exceptional balance between protection and control.


For optimal sizing, measure around your hand at the level of the palm above the thumb, ensuring your hand is fully open. We recommend the following sizing guide:

  • <20.5 cm               -> Extra-Small
  • 20.6 to 21.5 cm     -> Small
  • 21.6 to 22.5 cm     -> Medium
  • >22.6 cm               -> Large

New for 2023, the MR70 is a new stick for a bold and creative. For those that love the assist and finesse.

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