Hockey Wales FAQs - NAGs

Thank you for your Hockey Wales kit order, we very much appreciate you taking the time to place your order with Y1.

Like most supply businesses that use overseas factories, we are having to contend with delays and shortages due to the COVID Pandemic that are proving frustrating and do not allow us to provide a “normal” service at this time.

We have received several queries asking for information on deliveries, postage charges, numbering etc. and we have decided the best way to ensure everyone is clear is to create a Frequently Asked Questions section specific to Hockey Wales. Should you have a question that isn’t answered below, please feel free to drop us a note directly at

Q1) When will I get my order?

> We have already issued shorts, skorts and socks to those players who featured against Scotland over Easter. The remaining items will be dispatched in two delivery windows. The first will be w/c 6th June which will include all essential on field items. Any items that you do not receive in the first delivery window will be delivered in August but this is mainly limited to longer lead time items like our Padded Jackets which we re-stock ahead of the colder months.

Ulster Series

Hockey Wales will ensure all players have a playing top, shorts/skort and socks for the Ulster series in early June. Unfortunately any leisurewear from your online order will not arrive in time for reasons mentioned above.

Q2) How will I receive my order?

> If you have paid for direct shipping, your order will be delivered to the address you specified on your original order.

Q3) If I missed something off my original order, when is the next opportunity to order?

> The online shop is now back live for a short time, however, please bear in mind that this is still on a pre-order basis and we will be fulfilling orders based on first come first served. Once we receive the bulk stock and all original orders have been fulfilled, the remaining stock will be put back online on a first come first served basis. This stock will then be held within the UK so the delivery lead time will be a lot shorter than the pre-order lead time. We anticipate orders being delivered in 7-10 days once the stock is held in the UK.

Q4) I received kit for the Easter series versus Scotland that did not have the correct number and/or did not fit how I expected, what do I do now? 

> We issued emergency playing tops for the Easter Series. This was necessary as we were unable to get your official playing tops into the UK in time for the fixtures

> The Boys kit had the correct squad numbers on the kit but the Girls kit in the main had an emergency set of squad numbers that we had to use. We now have the official squad number list from Hockey Wales and so you will receive your official playing top and skort with the correct squad number when we deliver your order in June. 

Sizing - Tops: 

Please do not use the emergency playing tops issued for the Easter series as a guide on sizing. We had to source the tops on a very short lead time, and were unable to match sizing to our normal teamwear size chart. If you tried on Y1 official kit samples previously, the official tops you will receive will match the sizing of those sample garments.


We understand the majority of skorts received did not have the correct numbers and/or came up smaller than the samples. We will be replacing ALL Black skorts so everyone receives a skort with the correct number and appropriate size. If you would like to change size and have not contacted us already, please do so by Tuesday 17th May via

Q5) What should I do if I’ve changed my mind and wish to change the products I have ordered / change sizing?

> This was a pre-order which allowed us to bulk order Hockey Wales products from our factories. If you have changed your mind and want to cancel an item please get in touch with us by Tuesday 17th May and we will do our best to accommodate your changes at


Q6) What should I do if I’ve input my squad number incorrectly to my online order?

> Please get in touch with us by Tuesday 17th May and confirm your correct number as issued by Hockey Wales with us at and we will see what we can do to accommodate for the error.