Hockey Wales - Masters Ladies

PRE-ORDER WINDOW! (closes midnight on 15th April)

Please note: You may receive your order in separate deliveries. We will communicate to you the lead times for each individual product after the order window closes - please note that for non-playing kit this could be up to August 2022.

Compulsory Kit:

Ladies Playing Tank - Red and Black (apart from GKs and specific Masters' teams that have had communication that will purchase Men's Playing Shirts)

Skort - Black (apart from GKs)

GK Smock - Yellow and Green (only GKs)

GK Shorts - Yellow and Green (only GKs)

Playing Socks - Red and Black

Optional Kit:

Skort - Red (apart from GKs)

Training Top - Black

Tracksuit Bottoms - Black

Quarter Zip - Black

Shorts - Black

Padded Jacket - Black

Bench Jacket - Black